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a rush of technology

Posted by osiern on September 9, 2008

Written by Nicole Osier

First of all, I sound really hip now when I say. “I’m going to have to blog about that.”  I really like blogging, it’s like a journal that others can read, however I find myself forgetting that others can read it while I’m actually writing, which of course makes it more interesting for the reader.

I never entered an intial post about my understanding of technology.  As it may be obvious, I do not know very much about computer technology and i really don’t have a vocab. for it.  As an elementary school teacher I used to wow people with my Power Point presentations and overall web searching ability. However, now that my organization is launching our web 2.0 website and I joined this class, I have quickly learned how ignorant I am.

The title, “A Rush of Technology” refers to the fact that ever since class last night I have been reading, discussing, and research new media like never before.  Our website 2.0 will be launched at the beginning of November and my section, education, is one of the largest parts. I want the education section to be a resource for teachers, students, and adult learners.  This is a huge task, especially with our subject matter (I am going to leave that out for privacy purposes).  At this point I am overwhelmed, but excited to take on this steep learning curve.


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