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Historical Websites Homepage Review – Nicole Osier

Posted by osiern on September 12, 2008

I decided to look at the Kennedy Presidential library versus the Clinton Presidential Library.

The Kennedy Library homepage is a military green with red accent colors to highlight the main navigation.  The Clinton Library homepage is done in a medium blue with gray accent colors.  Both have pictures of the museum from the exterior, but the Clinton library uses the photo as the main image on the screen while while the Kennedy library uses a photo of Kennedy as their main image with the museum in the background.  Also in the foreground of the Kennedy page is navigational tiles to public programs, the museum, and historical resources.  The Clinton page offers navigation in a linear fashion on the top of the page.  These links include information, education, FAQ’s, and the museum.  General information about the Clinton Library is on the left side of the page.

The general feeling I get from the Kennedy Library homepage is one of historical significance.  Kennedy’s diary from Sept. 1962 is a highlight that they point out on the homepage, this is a great artifact and something I was happy to find on-line while doing research on the Cuban Missile Crisis.  By putting a link to historical research prominently on the page, I quickly become aware that this is a place to learn about American history during the Kennedy administration.

The feeling I get from the Clinton Library homepage is one of “what is in this museum?”  A large image of the museum from the exterior along with art work is the first thing one sees.  Is the Clinton Library an art museum?  There’s nothing about history when the page first opens up, there is a link for research, but this could be for research in anything.

The Clinton homepage, is unlike the Kennedy homepage in that the Kennedy homepage puts everything “above the fold.”  You cannot scroll down on the Kennedy homepage, but on the Clinton page you can.  Below the fold is where history is finally mentioned and a picture of Clinton finally appears, at the bottom of the page.

Neither web pages look great nor do they provide a well organized, easy to navigate homepage.




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