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A Bookless Future?

Posted by osiern on October 5, 2008

I do not believe that therewill be a bookless future, although this is often a popular idea in science fiction movies.

A physical book is a valuable object.  We spend thousands of dollars to protect and preserve highly valuable books, not for the purpose of the information they contain, but for the value of the actual object.  Not everything is about information, information can be found in a lot of places.  Sometime people just need to see, hold, smell an actual object to make a connection. 

I love books, the actual objects and I am not alone in this.  Last week my classmates and I were talking about moving and how books can be the heaviest, most annoyting thing to move.  We discussed how even though this was the case, we really cannot part with our books.  Books are attached to some of our fondest memories or most trying academic times.  I still have my favorite books from childhood and there is no way I am getting rid of the books from my graduate research course.  Books add a cozy design element to rooms as well as giving visitors a quick way learn more about me.

A blanket, a cup of your favorite hot beverage, and a book are often what people look forward to in the winter.  A beach chair, your favorite cold beverage, and a book are often what people look forward to in the summer.  I cannot lug my laptop everywhere and I don’t want to.  It’s heavy, it’s far more expensive to replace if said beverage were to spill, and it’s frustrating to read on. 

I actually print most reading material.  90% of my school work is not done at home in front of my computer.  I read on the metro, the elevator, the bus, the bus stop, the park bench, etc.  It’s much easier to print out a few pages or carry a book. 

I think that there will definately be books and other publications online and a better way to electronically read them, but I do not think that books will ever become obsolete.


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