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Digitization, Preservation and My Project

Posted by osiern on October 26, 2008

Almost all of the material involved in my project has already been digitized.  The primary sources I will be using can be found on the Library of Congress website or they already exist within my organization’s database.  If I do find a primary resource that I would like to use in an archive that has yet to be digitized, I will find out if it can be digitized with their permission.  I do have access to many good scanners as well as digitial cameras at work so the tools would not be difficult to access.  If an item cannot be digitized, then I will have to accept that and work around it by leaving out the item, replacing it with something else, describing the information, or explaining where the item can be found.

For preserving this tool, I feel that it will run as long as an IPhone can run.  If an IPhone were to break hopefully the technology will still be available to fix it.  The content that is on each IPhone will be saved within my organization’s hard drive and backed up on a regular occasion.  I will also post all of the material on the web page, which is saved every few months by our web team.  As technology changes and develops I hope the material can be moved along with it, however just as technology changes so does educational philosophy.  I expect the material on this tool to be regularly updated and I will not keep track of every change.  I’m not really one for saving everything, as much as a I a historian I’d rather not be a pack rat.


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