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Posted by osiern on November 17, 2008

Ok, here is my presentation which includes 5 mock ups.  Please look at them and give me your thoughts.  Thanks!



4 Responses to “Presentation”

  1. populariscultura said


    This is a well-designed and detailed presentation for your grant project! I really like how you have included the map of the interface- this shows terrific detail. I’d be interested to see if the maps and photos can be enlarged in the guide in the “usual” iPhone fashion.

    You have done some great work in putting together this project that has some great potential for the future of battlefield sites and education. It can make it fun and more comprehensive.

  2. Hillary said

    Haha, I think she meant “Nicole.” 🙂
    Great job here! I think the mock-ups look great. You should really submit this thing. You’d be able to retire at 30.

  3. populariscultura said

    Woops i did indeed mean Nicole. Sorry…

  4. Andrea said

    This project seems really exciting and expandable. The photos are a really great addition, it is difficult to envision the past and visual elements really add to the experience. After start up, it would be easy to add more elements, voiceover, video reenactments, etc. You could attach games at the end of the tour for people that have their own devices to play later. I wish I had some sort of criticism, but I don’t. That must be a good thing.

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