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Beginning of Grant App

Posted by osiern on November 20, 2008

To Support:  The development of an Android application for a self-guided tour of Third Winchester, Winchester VA and 40 T-Mobile G1 mobile devices to serve as a visiting class set.


Abstract: Self-guided tours are a great way to provide a tour without the resources of staff or volunteers.  The Third Winchester Tour Guide would use the hardware, software, and various applications on a mobile device to present a pocket sized multi-media tour.  A class set of G1’s would be provided for visiting classes with the application already on the devices. However, if another visitor were to come to the battlefield with the Android operating system he or she could down load the tour as well. The tour can be run in sequential order following the physical waysides or materials could be pulled out separately as the visitor desires.  Audio, video, web, and GPS capabilities make it possible to provide a wealth of primary and secondary resources right in the palm of the visitor’s hand.


One Response to “Beginning of Grant App”

  1. hmoir said

    Sounds good, Nicole.

    Do you think you could sell your idea to other battlefields, or to historic sites with a bigger budget, like Monticello or Mount Vernon? I wonder if such sites have anything similar to your proposed resource–if they don’t I think they would benefit immensely from it. Just think of how many tourists visit, for example, Mount Vernon, and how much better-served and better-informed they would be if they could use your software-format, revised specifically for different historical sites.

    How did you come up with this idea? It is a great idea!


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