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To wayside or not to wayside?

Posted by osiern on November 20, 2008

Alright I’m trying to come up with other terms for wayside so here’s what I have so far:

sign, sign post, marker, trail marker, stop, trail stop….hmmmm

I want a word that is not too general that it might be mistaken for something else, but at the same time people will understand/know what it means. 

Suggestions Wanted!!!


5 Responses to “To wayside or not to wayside?”

  1. Andrea said

    I like trail marker. Maybe tour marker would work? I know that is not exactly what they are but…

  2. Hillary said

    Agreed, I like trail marker best, too. I think it’s the most universally understood term for what you’re referring to. At least to me, there’s no confusion whatsoever with that term. And the tour is taking them on a trail of sorts…

  3. I think what you call the wayside depends on the purpose of the stop. If the stop gives information, then “information marker” may be appropriate. If the stop gives a different perspective on the battle, then something like “battle view” may be more appropriate.


  4. populariscultura said

    Yeah- Marker does work well, at least for me. Good choice!

  5. smdeane said

    I too agree with “trail marker.”

    When it comes to your tool, I think it is a great idea because it is both interactive (engaging) and educational. It makes for a great combination, especially since we live in a world so tied to entertainment and technology…I think it will draw in an audience that doesn’t normally “get into” history. I know I would like to try it out as soon as you have it up and running.

    Overall, I like your choice of photos, format, and ease of navigation – it’s straightforward. For the life of me I can’t remember one of the comments in class (because I did not make it), but it had to do with some information overlooked as you move from page to page. Hopefully, that person will leave a comment…sorry, I can’t be more specific.

    I look forward to using it in the near future!

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