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Reflections on Clio Wired

Posted by osiern on December 1, 2008

As I wrap up my project and read the last of the posts I decided it was time to look back at my experience.

This class has been a valuable experience, I have learned a great deal.  I actually know what the web department is talking about, which is great, since my current job and I’m sure jobs in the future will require a basic knowledge of the latest technology.

I have learned how to blog, which is incredibly important because it provides a medium to quickly and publicly express my ideas.

I have also enjoyed working on my project, the idea for this project is something that has been floating around in my head for a while.  This was a great way to gather the ideas and organize them in order to move to the next level.

This has been one in a chain of classes at George Mason through which I have been able to develop in the areas that interest me.  I really appreciate how the public history program allows me to combine my background in education, interest in place-based learning, and history with such ease.  This class along with many others has added one more experience that I am able to use in my professional life.


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